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July 27, 2011
  1. Time is misunderstood. What we have is an infinite stockpile of Nows.
  2. Travel is the best education because it is life in fast-forward: the world around us is born, ages, and dies, at 73 mph.
  3. The body is a solar eclipse.
  4. Truth is the flashlight I used to stare into, for minutes at a time.
  5. Love smells like rose gardens, freshly fertilized.
  6. Anger is a spirit prostitute.
  7. Words are hammers. Words are hatchets. Words are hands.
  8. Mercy is a divine irony, and justice a slandered patron god.
  9. Death is offended by our hasty generalizations.
  10. We hold strings that hold devils that hold strings that hold us.
  11. Philosophers have recently proven that one and one equals two. People are celebrating in the streets.
  12. Pennies are facing an identity crisis.
  13. Sarcasm means flesh-tearing. Not a joke.
  14. Sight is perhaps our worst enemy. It lends us enigmatic representations of a world we are not willing to part with it.
  15. Melancholy is not a humor. It is an ingredient in goulash which spoils easily but adds zest.
  16. Clouds would like us to stop complaining about them, and to stop checking them out from below.
© Trent R. Leinenbach, Ashen Apples, 2011
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