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June 28, 2014

I Know That My Redeemer Leads To Green Pastures In Day Or Night He Reaches My Reaching Sees My Seeing Follows My Following He Now Says Praise In My Adoring Mouth We Are Not To Not Never Not No And Not, And Forever Amen What Sweet Joy To Sweeten Joy Such That Joy Will Mean It Has Been Sweetened We Will Forever Amen And: Amen Death Where Is Thy Sting It Is Gone, Lost, Out Of Sight, Swallowed Whole In White Clean Almighty Rays Or Beams Of Sun Deliver Us From The Temptation Of Being Cast From My Eye The Motes And Beams That Diffract Your White Radiance Into Spectra I Saw A Poor Man On The Street I Went And Helped Me To His Service And He Was The Least Of These My Gods And May God Rest His Mighty Soul Distinct From My Mighty Soul His Hands Were Nailed Up Like Here And Here I Nail To Make Great Drops Bleed From My Empathetic Pinning I Cannot Turn Great God, We Are Blessed By This Our Humbled Eternity Pray Decipher God My Code Of Blessing Praise

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